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Roger Taylor’s 2011 voyage

September 12, 2011

Yet another epic voyage to Northern waters, this time well into the Arctic and reaching a point north-west of Spitzbergen. If my map reading is correct it is approximately as shown by the green arrow on the Google Maps screenshot below:

Roger has kindly submitted an account of his travels which is reproduced here, and you can find more information on his own site


For sale and wanted

April 6, 2011

There is a healthy market for Corribees and Coromandels, and we get a number of advertisement requests each month from both buyers and sellers. Check the For Sale and Wanted page for our current ads – which currently includes a very tidy-looking bilge keeler in Stoke Gabriel (South Devon), and Tonga, a late mk2 fin-keeler ready for the season. Also well worth a look is Otter, a mk 2 and one of the few fitted with a Yanmar inboard diesel engine. Spares and fittings are always needed by restorers so if you have any un-needed parts available that others could use (especially spars, rigging and furling gear) an advertisement will get them to someone who can make good use of them.

We don’t have a formal payment system for the advertising page – all we ask is that it is boat-related and that you consider making a small donation to the site to help us cover our web hosting costs. Send an email to with the desired text and attach any photos you want to display. We recommend setting up a temporary email address (with, for example, Yahoo or Google) if you wish to avoid your main address becoming a spam target.

Mingming and the Art of Minimal Ocean Sailing

September 2, 2010


In his latest book, Roger recounts the three voyages he has made with Mingming during 2007, 2008 and 2009. More than a mere description of long-distance voyages though, the book is packed with passages that give an insight into the preparation and planning needed for such an extraordinary undertaking, from poring over charts to selecting a suitable drogue. A worthy successor to his first book, this really must deserve a place in everyone’s library.

Available from Rogers web site – or from Amazon here


May 29, 2010


Henry has recently contacted us to let us know of the extensive restoration of his clinker built Corribee – obviously one of the first few ever built. He has compiled an interesting blog in French – Well worth a read (you may need some help with translation from Google) which details the work he has carried out since rescuing this attractive boat – it was due to for the bonfire!

Mingming and The Art of Minimal Ocean Sailing by Roger Taylor

April 19, 2010


Roger has planned another lengthy passage this year in Mingming, the junk rigged Corribee that has already covered thousands of nautical miles of deep-water sailing. He writes:

‘This year I’m due to sail  in the Jester Challenge to Newport, Rhode Island. However I had already been thinking of taking the northern Transatlantic route, and if conditions are right I may possibly divert even further north to make my landfall at Cape Dyer, Baffin Island, instead. This would bring Mingming and me into the Arctic Circle to the west of Greenland, via the Davis Strait, thus mirroring last year’s voyage into the east  Greenland ice and the Denmark Strait.’

His second book is due to be published and has already received excellent reviews from  Sailing Today and Practical Boat Owner, amongst others. It covers three lengthy voyages in Mingming, including a trip to the Azores and the northern passages. Visit Roger’s site The Simple Sailor for some more information and to order what promises to be another fascinating read.

You can also preorder from Amazon here.

Meeting other owners

July 24, 2009

A couple of owners have been in touch recently to suggest a ‘notice board’ to let others know about their sailing plans for the summer. Please feel free to add a comment below – it could be a good way of meeting up with other owners, comparing boats and maybe arranging sailing meets.

News July 2009

July 9, 2009

Jonny Moore has decided to call off his continued voyage around the UK. Not an easy decision to make, the weather has played its’ part, with strong westerlies in the Channel promising to make progress difficult and at times impossible. Added to that were the mounting marina fees in Dover while waiting for a break in the conditions. Jonny has sailed most of the UK coastline in the last two years, much of it single-handed. His passage around Cape Wrath alone is  more than most (me included) would be willing to tackle as a single-hander.