Declan McKinney writes:

I found the smaller Seago 230 tenders too small to be practical, and the larger Seago 260 tenders too heavy for my wife and I to carry and too bulky to stow onboard. I settled on the Seago TSR240Z as it is big enough for three adults and kit, yet weighs just 26kg and stows quite small (though I haven’t tried stowing it onboard yet); also, it was quite good value. In practice the size is perfect, and it seems pretty tough. The only criticism I have is that with no proper oarlocks, and an awkward rowing position (knees in the way), it’s a pig to row. We’ve since invested in a 2.5hp outboard, and it pushes it along no problem.


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2 Responses to “Tenders”

  1. Asmat Downey Says:

    Has anyone used an inflatable kayak as a tender? Is it possible to inflate / deflate and pack away one, aboard a Coromandel or a Corribee?

  2. JJ Blackburn Says:

    I would agree a 240 is about right – I use the Bombard AX2 and my Mercury 4Hp Saildrive off the Coromandel – with this and one person it will plane nicely. My AX is well over 20 years old and is very servicable. It packs in a bag that will go down the quarter berth or would go in a cockpit locker. The really good thing is that it has a proper transom and this gives it more space and is easier to mount the motor. I have bought and sold many boats in this time period but the Bombard stays with me despite many pleas !! I have found it great for exploring creeks and having fun plus of course the forays out to the pub !! Barnet Marine seem to be main agents and do well priced packages !

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