Wind vane self steering

Mister Vee

Some Corribees have had wind vane self steering from the Dutch manufacturer Mister Vee:

A free open source set of plans for a design called the ‘OS Walt’ can be downloaded from the Mr. Vee website. First register for an account on the website here. Once you have a username and password, visit the following pages to download the CAD, plans, list of parts and builders forum:

Books with plans

Ken built a self steering system for his Coromandel Yuan-Hang based on a design from:

NoImageAvailable Wind-Vane Self-Steering
Bill Belcher
ISBN: 0877421587

Jonny Moore system

Jonny Moore has kindly allowed us to reproduce this article:


Due to sailing Casulen II single-handed next year, I will need some sort of self-steering. It is my intention to install a tillerpilot, but, as explained in the solar panels section, I have slight reservations about power consumption. A wind vane was never going to be in the budget, and as I also needed a project for my GCSE technology course, I decided to attempt to design and make a self-steering windvane.

There is loads of information available on the Internet if you are prepared to try and make sense of all the advice being offered.

I am currently making two windvanes at the moment, one at school and the other at home. My total budget is £100.


I am now only making one as my teachers have agreed that once they have seen the finished product I no longer need to leave it in school which has considerably reduced my workload.


Over the last few weekends I`ve being trying to get my windvane finished.

Two reasons for this, one Casulen`s planned relaunch date now only leaves me with 3 weekends left if I take out the Polar Bear Norway trip and secondly as this is my GCSE tech project it really needs finishing by Easter. I now only have the steering oar to make and the blocks to mount on Casulen II and then sea trials to see if it actually works!

Since these pictures were taken I have painted all the woodwork with grey epoxy, (left over from the anti-osmosis treatment carried out on the hull last year) to ensure it is totally watertight. More info soon!



The Windvane is now finished, all that remains is to try it out and find out if it works! As this is a GCSE project it is at school at the moment, but I hope to have it mounted on Casulen II by 18th Arpil ready for relaunching. Its been a interesting project and we have ended up with a Windvane that weighs  about 12kg including the mounting frame and all the control lines.(about 9kg without frame and lines)


This is considerably below just about any other self steering vane which was one of my aims as adding weight to the back of a boat the size of a Corribee is to be avoided.  I will keep you updated when I have carried out some sea trials but for now here are a couple more pictures.




Do you have a story, information, brochure, manual, link or other relevant content that should be on this page? If so, we would be very grateful if you would leave it as a comment or email so we can post here – thanks!


4 Responses to “Wind vane self steering”

  1. Richard Downes Says:

    are the drawings for the above still available ? – the link to Jonny Moore is dead
    Richard Downes

  2. Anthony McAulay Says:

    You definitely deserve an A* for that! Well done

  3. Jud Says:

    Hello –Is there any chance you could pass along this message and my email address to Jonny Moore, the person mentioned as the author of the above article on making a wind vane for his Corribee? I live in Canada and have a Cal 20, which is rather similar to a Corribee, and would like to ask him a few questions on building his wind vane, a project I hope to do soon.

    Many thanks,
    Jud Berry

    • Mark Says:

      Hi Jud. There is a Jonathon Moore link low down on the home page.
      The vane looks ace, I need one too!

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