There is a fair amount of exterior and interior metalwork in Corribees and Coromandels. It is very important to use the correct type and grade of metals for the application. For example, stainless steel should always be 316 grade when used in a marine environment rather than lesser 304 grade or galvanised mild steel.

The models below are scale models built with the free version of the CAD software Google SketchUp. If you click on the static pictures, you can download a 3D PDF file which allows you view the object from all sides and make measurements. Please note that you will need to use the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view 3D PDFs. Third party PDF viewers such as Preview supplied with Mac OS X typically can not view 3D PDFs.


A diagram will be added below to show where the individual parts listed on this page are installed.


Bow roller

Coming soon


Coming soon

Ensign staff holder

Coming soon

Mast foot

The mast foot below is from a Mk2 Corribee with a standard rig. The type of metal is unknown. It sits on a 1 mm thick bed of an unknown flexible white polymer type material. It was secured to the mast pad on the deck molding with four countersunk M6 x 35 mm bolts.



Coming soon


Coming soon


Coming soon


A list of interior metalwork items has not been made yet.


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One Response to “Metalwork”

  1. Paul Hayes Says:

    I have a Coromandel without stanchions and wish to fit them before away on a cruise in three weeks time. Any advice would be most welcome. Also, my hand book tells me the Coromandel has fittings for a hammock – where? Hope you can help.

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