Jonny Moore has kindly allowed us to reproduce this article:

When trying to find sails for Casulen II, we were given two sonata sails, a no.1 and a no.2 genoa. These, once trimmed down to fit Casulen II, were great sails with the no.2 becoming our main headsail. Due to the extreme size of the no.1, we decided to make a bowsprit.


Our first bowsprit was part of the bottom half of a topper mast, lashed to the foredeck cleat and the bow roller. This served us for the ’06 season in the Clyde, but for the ’07 season we decided that this was too time consuming to lash on and a better solution was sought.


Firstly, we obtained the top half of a windsurfer mast and fitted this onto a dedicated deck fitting, this making it much easier to set up, as no lashings were required. After using this set-up twice, we managed to snap it at the halfway point when we held on to it for too long in a rising wind. This was a bit of a problem until we found an aluminium boom section from a laser dinghy and fitted this in the same way.


This has been a great addition to Casulen II and has helped a lot when off the wind. For my trip, I am hoping to get an asymmetric spinnaker to make downwind sailing easier single-handed, although we have worked out a system for using a symmetrical spinnaker single-handed.



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