Replacement Tillers

Replacement tillers from

I prepared the jigs and tooling for making replacement Corribee tillers earlier this year, and have just completed the third batch ready for sale. This batch is in solid teak (probably the best marine hardwood). The cost of teak has risen substantially over the last year, so tillers in this wood are more expensive (a blank for two mahogany or iroko tillers costs around £23, whereas the current price for the same in decent quality teak is an eye-watering £63.40).

The tillers are available in two sizes. The standard long pattern is the same length as the original factory supplied model, and is approximately 780mm long. When sailing with two or more in the cockpit things can get a little cramped, and I much prefer the short pattern, which I have fitted to my own Corribee. This is approximately 575mm long.


Solid teak, long pattern, total £89.00
Solid teak, short pattern, total £79.00

Laminated teak, long pattern, total £91

Laminated teak, short pattern, total £81

Other solid timbers (including oak, iroko, softwood etc) are available, just let me know your preference.

Laminated, long pattern, total £83.00*
Laminated, short pattern, total £73.00*

*mahogany/spruce, oak/spruce or iroko/spruce (or your choice).

Delivery extra at cost (Royal Mail or other carrier, bubblewrap plus a protective cardboard tube comes to around £9.80), or you are welcome to collect from the workshop in Sussex.

All supplied finished with 3 coats of an oil finish, which can be overcoated with further oil (teak, Danish, tung etc), varnished or finished with Deks Olje.


As with all exterior woodwork, maintenance is needed to preserve the new look. Teak and iroko can be left to weather, but for a long life regular (6 monthly) coats of oil or varnish may be needed. A tiller cover will make a huge difference and is strongly recommended. Full details on suggested maintenance comes with each tiller.

Detail of the stock end is shown here, with the two clearance holes for the 6mm dia bolts.

A couple of laminated tillers, the short pattern is mahogany/spruce and the long pattern is English oak/spruce:

Checking before you order:

They are suitable for any boat fitted with the rudder stock fitting shown in the photo ‘Tiller Fitting’ below. You can check the dimensions from the ‘Working drawing’ image just to make sure. (See below for options in case your fitting doesn’t match the one shown here). I can supply them undrilled if you are in doubt about the position of the bolt holes.

Tiller fitting

Working drawing

Should your rudder stock fitting be different to the one shown I can either supply a new tiller with an oversize end for you to shape and fit yourself, or make to the correct form to your measurements, drawing or template. Even better would be for you to send me your fitting, which would obviously be returned complete with the new tiller.


Please email me at with the following details:
Your name, address and phone number
Your choice of long or short pattern
Your choice of timber (Teak, iroko, laminated mahogany/spruce, laminated iroko/spruce, laminated oak/spruce). Other timbers are available to order so let me know if you’d prefer something different.


Bank transfer or Paypal is preferred.

The legal stuff:

If you’re not happy, talk to me for a refund or replacement. My contact details are published on my website


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