Ellen MacArthur Trust

Katies recent circumnavigation was aimed at raising money for, and awareness of, the Ellen MacArthur Trust, an organisation which helps children who are recovering from serious illness. Please click on the link to the right to go to the Trust website.

Pictured below are just a few of the many young people Ellen has helped.


Below: Ellen on her UK circumnavigation in Iduna. When she first saw Iduna she wrote in her diary: ‘There she was, stern towards me like a scruffy heap. Her rudder was askew and one of her backstays hung lifelessly beside her mast….the word ‘Poole’ shadowed into her faded and battered reddish topsides’. And then went on to write in her book: ‘It was love at first sight’.



After finishing her UK voyage Katie spent some time in the Solent, participating in the 2006 Cowes Week activities, and joined by Ellen and Caroline Parks (also of the Trust).






Pictures supplied by, and used with the permission of, Katie Miller, Mark Lamble, The Ellen MacArthur Trust and the Offshore Challenges Sailing Team

Source: corribee.org


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