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14 Responses to “Corribee Owners Association”

  1. Michael Smith Says:

    Hi, i own a NB Corribee Mk 2 junked rig. She is a project i have undertaken and am looking for new cabin side windows as at the moment it has failed wood inserts with two small port holes either side. Jung rigs are powerful compared to normal main sailes as they are two triangles put together! Drop me your email and i will send you a few pics. I am in Gilingham, Kent.

  2. Michael McHugh Says:

    Hello. I see a Cormandel, junk rigged for sail in Essex. Anyone in East Sussex, know anything about the junk rig?Maybe in sharing the boat with me. I have no experience so would so would be looking for an experienced sailor with RYA Skipper qualifications. The boat needs to be re rigged but has mast, battens and sails. Also no navigation instruments or safety gear.

  3. paul schorn Says:

    If Corribee’s are ‘so well built’, why do they always suffer from mast compression, Rudder tube problems,( I heard they were originally made of scaffold style tube !!!,) also subject to deck grp delamination.?

    • scorribee Says:

      Mast compression problems can arise from either over-tensioning the fixed rigging, or from deterioration of the supporting mast beam as a result of water ingress causing the timber mast beam to rot. The former can be avoided by using a tension gauge when setting up the mast. The latter can be avoided by making sure the mast step and any ‘through-coachroof’ fixings are properly sealed. We also have a section of the site which details the replacement of the mast beam.
      Re the rudder tube comment – scaffold tubes are mild steel which would corrode in a few years. I have never seen a Corribee with this problem. Some rudder tubes have been known to leak at the bottom end, which may be due to mechanical damage, eg grounding or hitting an obstacle. In such cases a repair is relatively straightforward with epoxy resin and woven glass cloth, and not beyond the scope of the average owner.
      Bear in mind that even the most recent Corribees are nearly 40 years old now – it would be surprising if problems such as this were unheard of.

  4. paul schorn Says:

    Do Corribee’s ever suffer from mast problems where it joins the coach roof.?? are they strengthened in that area? Is there anything I should look out for, am thinking of buying one locally, Portsmouth.

  5. Johnny Torrens-Spence Says:

    On 11 October, I bought a blue hull, bilge keel Mk 2 Corribee, 1978, sail number 405, called Carmina. She needs quite a bit of work. I got her from a chap called [name redacted] who had her for a couple of years in the Bristol area. I can find no reference to this boat in your boat register. Does anyone know anything of her history? Really useful website by the way.

    Johnny Torrens-Spence

  6. Neil Coker Says:

    I wonder if anyone could help me? I am trying to establish what the height of a Fin Keel Corribee is on a trailer (to top of coach roof). I am in the process of designing and constructing a garage/workshop/storage area which will have a carport type space for my 1979 Corribee, Osprey. I need to make sure that the eaves have enough clearance to allow her to be reversed in. Any assistance gratefully received. (I don’t have her on a trailer at the moment so can’t measure it myself)

  7. Ron Hockey Says:

    I sailed in my Corribee “Minnesinger” yesterday to see Mary and Becky leave Tollesbury to start their voyage around Britain. I motored alongside them as they made their way down to the Nass beacon and the open sea. Another Corribee “Blue Vinney” also motored alongside.
    I have some photos of the girls preparing to set their sails. I would love to email them to you but your email address seems not to be “Properly installed” I hope you can sort this.
    Regards Ron

    • ja Says:

      Where are you trying to email the photos? seems to be working fine

      • Ron Hockey Says:

        When I click on I get this message……”Could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed”
        I email photos from my Picassa file via Googlemail. I tried to add your email address to my Googlemail list but it says “address is invalid”. Am I doing something wrong?

        • ja Says:

          The error message is because you do not have an email client such as Microsoft Outlook properly installed.

          The email address is definitely correct – when you type it in, be very careful about the number of e’s in the middle. Better still, copy and paste the email address and it should be fine.

  8. Allister Marsh Says:

    would like to compliment you on the web site. I as having a look at the boat register and thought that I should inform you that we are now the owners of Winkle sail no 368. She was purchased recently from The Dart and previous owner Roger [Redacted], he purchased a couple of years ago from someone who sailed on Windemere in the Lake District and they bought her from the people in the Isle of Wight. We have her moored at Arisaig on the west coast of scotland so she has done more miles on the trailer than in the water by a long way. As i was proudly polishing the coach roof i noticed the name FULMAR in the gel coat where it appeared raised due to previous polishing. I have noticed that there is a fulmar on the register which appears to have no identity, They may be the same vessel.
    Keep it up its very informative and a bold venture for you. Thanks Ali

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