Various cruisers and racers

Corribee’s a versatile and solid little sea boats, with a whole host of achievements and uses in their repertoire.

Roger Taylor’s Ming Ming, is a (modified) junk rigged, ocean capable Corribee, and is an entry to the Jester Challenge, along with Pod, another ocean capable modified boat from Jake Kavanagh.

Dame Ellen MacArthur came to fame in her fin keeled Mk2, Iduna, with a round Britain circumnavigation in the nineties, subsequently followed by a plethora of eager young sailors setting off in her wake in their own Corribee’s. Katie Miller, Jack Daly, Johnny Moore, and Nathan Whitworth, have all set out to conquer the British Isles in these fantastically  sea worthy 20 foot, 9 inch boats. They have even been used as liveaboards, with great success.


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2 Responses to “Various cruisers and racers”

  1. Richard Davis Says:

    I have Pandora 700, which I have made a table for,that sits in the original cut out slot, have supported it with a chrome stem to a circular block of wood which sits on top of the cushions under,
    Anyone wanting to copy mine or for ideas, contact me by email and I will send photo.

  2. isadas Says:

    loved mathans videos on you tube inspired me to seek buying a corribee

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