Meeting other owners


A couple of owners have been in touch recently to suggest a ‘notice board’ to let others know about their sailing plans for the summer. Please feel free to add a comment below – it could be a good way of meeting up with other owners, comparing boats and maybe arranging sailing meets.


6 Responses to “Meeting other owners”

  1. Nicky Snelling Says:

    Just love to know if anyone still checks out this site. I bought Jack Dalys Corribee PADIWAK and keep it at North Fambridge yacht haven on the river crouch Essex. Would be great to hear or meet up with any other owners in the future.
    Regards Nicky Snelling

  2. Neil Coker Says:

    As new corribee owner in Cumbria, wondered if there as anyone else who would be interested in meeting for a sail followed by a meal/beer or two?
    My Corribee is Osprey, Hull No 79102 and Sail No 465, a fin keel bermudan rig

  3. tony Says:

    did anyone know who the fleet of junk rigs were that were on the river blackwater last saturday (25 july)?

  4. Steve Says:

    That sounds like a good trip Colin. Hope it goes well.

  5. Colin Says:

    I shall be travelling from Lymington to Scilly’s mid August, anyone en-route who owns a corribee care to meet up with their corribee, or just meet in ports on the way?
    Intend to coastal hop , and then spend some time around the Scillies in my
    Mk2 “Maybee”.

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