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New reading material

January 8, 2011

New Corribee related magazine articles and books added to the Pictures / Books / Articles / Videos section plus a description of the pros and cons of various on board sanitation options and updates to the boat register.



May 29, 2010


Henry has recently contacted us to let us know of the extensive restoration of his clinker built Corribee – obviously one of the first few ever built. He has compiled an interesting blog in French – Well worth a read (you may need some help with translation from Google) which details the work he has carried out since rescuing this attractive boat – it was due to for the bonfire!


May 16, 2010

Soggy feet? No more – Alan Mckeand has written a great article about his DIY duckboards. Would you like to contribute an article? Check out our new article wish list or email direct

Mingming and The Art of Minimal Ocean Sailing by Roger Taylor

April 19, 2010


Roger has planned another lengthy passage this year in Mingming, the junk rigged Corribee that has already covered thousands of nautical miles of deep-water sailing. He writes:

‘This year I’m due to sail  in the Jester Challenge to Newport, Rhode Island. However I had already been thinking of taking the northern Transatlantic route, and if conditions are right I may possibly divert even further north to make my landfall at Cape Dyer, Baffin Island, instead. This would bring Mingming and me into the Arctic Circle to the west of Greenland, via the Davis Strait, thus mirroring last year’s voyage into the east  Greenland ice and the Denmark Strait.’

His second book is due to be published and has already received excellent reviews from  Sailing Today and Practical Boat Owner, amongst others. It covers three lengthy voyages in Mingming, including a trip to the Azores and the northern passages. Visit Roger’s site The Simple Sailor for some more information and to order what promises to be another fascinating read.

You can also preorder from Amazon here.

New articles this week

February 12, 2010

Inaugural Spin, Sep 08

Declan McKiinney has written an article about his experience of his first year of sailing a junk rigged Corribee. A couple of interesting podcasts with Roger Taylor can be found in the new podcast section of Pictures/Books/Articles/Videos. We also have updates on the Anchors, Bilge pump, Boat Register, For sale and wanted, Insurance, Mast, Roger Taylor / MingmingStoves and Woodwork pages. Would you like to contribute an article? Check out our new article wish list.

The Corribee Manual is now available!

February 5, 2010

We are very excited to announce that The Corribee Manual is now available for purchase from today. It is available as a 191 page digital download or spiral bound paperback book and includes a voucher for 12 months free membership of The Corribee Owners Association (terms and conditions apply). We thank The Corribee Owners Association for allowing us to offer this and hope that you will support them and us by purchasing a copy.

DEC Haiti Earthquake Appeal

January 15, 2010

New articles this week

November 8, 2009

20090925_Corribee161_RAGNOR_DanLumsden 20090913_OnTheWater_DeclanMcKinney 20090912_WoodenPartsLayout

Declan McKinney has written articles about sail graphics and guard rails. Jay Blackburn has details about his refit. The 3D model of the woodwork is pretty close to complete for the Mk2. Lots of updates to the boat register. The rate of submissions has slowed dramatically – would you like to contribute an article? Check out our new article wish list!

New articles this week

September 9, 2009

20090907_Coromandel18_TAMAMOANA_3_Jose 198410_PracticalBoatOwner_NewbridgeAdvert_FairUseThumbnail hatch slide x_sect1

Practical Boat Owner have kindly given us permission to reproduce a nice Newbridge advert- find it on the Pictures/Books/Articles/Video page. New pages on bilge pumps and hull repairs. Updates to the antifouling, boat register, for sale and wanted, Roger Taylor / Mingming, sail handling, stoves and woodwork pages. Would you like to contribute an article? Check out our new article wish list.

New articles this week

August 31, 2009

200905_SailingToday_SmallBoatRoundBritain_FairUseThumbnail_Page_1 20090827_Corribee161_RAGNOR_DanLumsden 20090830_WoodenPartsLayout

Sailing today have kindly given us permission to reproduce Jack Daly’s Solo around Britain article – find it on the Pictures/Books/Articles/Video page. Roger Taylor has added videos to his Greenland, Jan Mayen and Iceland voyage page. In addition, new pages on surveys and metalwork.  Updates to the 3D models, antifoulingboat register, cockpit drains, Internet connectivity, stoves, windows and woodwork pages. Would you like to contribute an article? Check out our new article wish list.