Mingming and The Art of Minimal Ocean Sailing by Roger Taylor



Roger has planned another lengthy passage this year in Mingming, the junk rigged Corribee that has already covered thousands of nautical miles of deep-water sailing. He writes:

‘This year I’m due to sail  in the Jester Challenge to Newport, Rhode Island. However I had already been thinking of taking the northern Transatlantic route, and if conditions are right I may possibly divert even further north to make my landfall at Cape Dyer, Baffin Island, instead. This would bring Mingming and me into the Arctic Circle to the west of Greenland, via the Davis Strait, thus mirroring last year’s voyage into the east  Greenland ice and the Denmark Strait.’

His second book is due to be published and has already received excellent reviews from  Sailing Today and Practical Boat Owner, amongst others. It covers three lengthy voyages in Mingming, including a trip to the Azores and the northern passages. Visit Roger’s site The Simple Sailor for some more information and to order what promises to be another fascinating read.

You can also preorder from Amazon here.


3 Responses to “Mingming and The Art of Minimal Ocean Sailing by Roger Taylor”

  1. David Salt Says:

    Hi, a blast from the past, I am trying to organise a 40th anniversary reunion next Feb for the 40th Anniversary of the wreck of the Endeavour II at Parengarenga, and I am trying to contact all former crew members. Web searches have not turned up too much but obviously you have continued on with your sailing and writing, and I would love to hear from you. Looks as though you are enjoying single handed sailing. Best regards, David Salt-Bosun’s Mate
    Email me on sailingsalts@gmail.com

  2. Roger Taylor Says:

    John, I’ve sent a message to the Ashdown Sailing Club, for forwarding to you.

    Kind regards


  3. John Taylor Says:

    I am Social Sec for Ashdown Sailing Club. Would like to contact Roger Taylor about possibility of giving a talk to Ashdown sailing Club on the 1st Wed of the month in 2011.


    John Taylor

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