Apart from being a generally good idea, many harbours require that boats have a minimum of GBP 3 million third party liability insurance. Many inland waterways require a minimum of GBP 1 million of third party cover.

The quotes below will rapidly go out of date, but the idea is to make a list of insurers that will insure Corribess and Coromandels for trips short and long and to get a feel for the premiums charged. Quotes below are for a vessel valued at GBP 5000 unless otherwise stated. Prices with RYA after them are discounted prices for RYA members.

Third party only

Quotes for third party cover only.

Date Company Premium Range
30.07.2009 Navigators & General GBP 57.75 Inland UK waters
30.07.2009 Navigators & General GBP 68.25 Inland and coastal (<12 nm) UK waters
30.07.2009 Basic Boat Liability GBP 69.00
GBP 62.10 RYA
Inland UK waters
30.07.2009 Basic Boat Liability GBP 79.00
GBP 71.10 RYA
Inland and coastal (<12 nm) UK waters
30.07.2009 Basic Boat Liability GBP 89.00
GBP 80.10 RYA
European inland and costal waters

Fully comprehensive

Quotes for third party, fire and theft.

Date Company Premium Range
29.07.2009 Navigators & General GBP 126.00 Inland and coastal (<12 nm) UK waters
2009 Groves, John and Westrup via Aquabroker EUR 225.00 Year round, West Coast of Ireland
2009 Mercia Marine GBP 159.00 Around Britain cover < 25nm offshore


If you can add/update an insurer or quote here or you have an idea for a new feature, please leave a comment below or email and we will update this page. Please include the following information:

  • the date you got the quote
  • the name of the insurer and their website
  • the premium
  • the cruising range covered



One Response to “Insurance”

  1. Jay Blackburn Says:


    Velos Allianz

    125 pounds 100 excess

    GB Coa\stal waters

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