(Please note that in February 2016 we were informed that the COA is formally dormant and the address for returning the application form has been removed at the COAs request)

The Corribee Owners Association (COA) welcomes anyone who is interested in these pretty, seaworthy small yachts. Designed by Robert Tucker, the first Corribee was launched in 1965. The Mark 1 was a wooden clinker built boat, but from 1969 the design was changed, and the Mark 2 four berth fibreglass boats were constructed. A Mark 3 evolved in the 1980s with two berths and more living space inside, with the last boats coming out of the Newbridge factory in the late 80’s.

To join the Association download and return the application form:


Membership is only £10 per year (online payment coming soon), and enables you to take part in events and receive the membership list and magazine each year. It also gives you access to technical information in the COA Manual and through talking to other members and owners of Corribees and Coromandels.

Please note that this web site is not operated by the COA although it contains information and files from them and reproduced with their permission. Any enquiries about membership and membership dues should be taken up directly with the COA in writing via their postal address.


Do you have a story, information, brochure, manual, link or other relevant content that should be on this page? If so, we would be very grateful if you would leave it as a comment or email corribeeeditors@googlemail.com so we can post here – thanks!


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  1. jose Says:

    Hello Michael and friends. This is the little history of my Coromandel. My Gps position is 38º 16′ 19” N 0º 42′ 11.62” O . This position its in Spain in a country named Elche, province of Alicante. The first name that i know of my boat its ELEFTERIA in the year 1991 and his owner J****** P****** Richardson. In 1992, with the name DELTA PRIMERO and owner F****** Gilo. In 2002 with the name RAVAL ROIG and owner A****** Aracil. In 2008 i buy it and i put the name TAMAMOANA. It means “The children of the sea” in new zealander and i put it in honor of my first son. I know the sail number because is painted in the sail, but i havent number of hull, i dont know where are in my boat.
    The problems for mooring in the spanish coast for the price,too expensive, force to park it in a caravans parking at the moment.
    The boat have Junk rigged sail, the hull are in very good conditions and i work when i can, in his interiors and his rigging.
    Thanks and sorry for my bad english, we needed this web.

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