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The pros and cons of bilge keel verses fin keel could fill several books on top of the many that they already do, so with that in mind I won’t add to that only to say that Casulen II is a fin keeled Corribee, period. There are times when it would be nice to be able to dry out and others when it can become almost essential.


Since we first purchased Casulen in 2005 we have been thinking about legs for her but the only commercially available ones we could find cost several hundred pounds, not really in the budget for a Corribee, so we have been mulling over ideas for making some.

Like most of the jobs we have undertaken on Casulen we have always tried to find solutions that we could make at home, using tools available in the average home workshop, which is all we have. These legs are a typical end product of that thought process.


The only job that we were unable to complete at home was the turning of the pivot pins that attach the legs to the hull blocks, these I made at school, as a lathe was required, but it would be relatively cheap to have these machined at a local engineering firm.

The aluminium for the legs is stock tubing 6082-T6 grade purchased from a aluminium stockholders, the foot plates are made from a 1” thick nylon chopping board, and the hull supports are made using 19mm marine ply glued together with thickened epoxy. Once again 6082-T6 aluminium was used for the hull blocks with nylon packing pieces behind. All of the stainless fittings are stock fittings with the exception of the pins mentioned, which I machined from 316 stainless (Casulen`s old rudder stock).


We estimate that the total cost of the project was less than GBP 100 and will considerably extend the possible anchorages that are available to us as well as allowing more peace of mind when dried out alongside a harbour wall. I hope any fin keel owners will find this interesting, maybe giving them ideas on how to extend their own cruising area relatively cheaply.





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