Spray hood

Good things have been said about the Corribee spray hoods available from Martex Marine.

Teo writes:

My friend Eric had been hassling me for years to get a spray hood but because I was using Chimera for racing I didn’t want to hamper the performance. Also, I wasn’t sure that it would make any difference as the boat is so small. Chimera then got sold and had an overhaul after which the new owner found out he wasn’t meant for the sea. He phoned me and asked me if I wanted her back all nice and repaired for the same price. I jumped with glee, got her back and found the familiarity and ease of handling twice as exciting as before, knowing that I had a wee boat that had taken me through 45 knots and still pointing.

The time arrived for the spray hood – less racing and more picnicking needed it. I shopped around on the internet and came across this guy that sold them and demonstrated them on a Corribee. That was it – I got it and haven’t looked back. I’m drier, the boat is drier inside and when at anchor, it makes the inside more livable with the hatch open. It is also not that difficult to take off so, if we participate in a race, I just take it off.

Skye hasn’t got the best of weather although it is excellent sailing. I think the spray hood is a good investment as it gives more days of sailing comfortably.

Martex Marine spray hood - Front view

Martex Marine spray hood - Side view

Martex Marine spray hood - Rear view

The kit recommended by Martex for the Corribee is the M16 which costs GBP 360 plus GBP 20 carriage (as of 29th May 2011). The lead time for delivery is approximately two weeks. Martex require that you supply the width of the coach roof (A), the horizontal measurements between the two top frames (B) and the clearance under the boom (C) when you order as described on their website.

They recommend the following values for the Corribee although it is unclear exactly which model this is for (it appears to be a Mk2 on their website):

  • A: 56″
  • B: 24″
  • C: 12″ to 17″

B and C seem to vary from boat to boat – the one in the photo is B: 24″ C: 13″. It all depends on the height of the boom. Some owners prefer a 27″ top and a smaller front (around 12″).

Declan McKinney writes:

During installation, you cut some of the support tubes to length. The hood came with my boat and the top tube was cut a little too short. I emailed Martex looking for a replacement tube as well as a few clips to replace some that had broken, and I was bowled over by how friendly and helpful they were.

The B measurement seems to be a matter of personal taste. I hadn’t realised that Martex vary this according to customer, which presumably implies tuning the rake of the windscreen. The B measurement itself is highly adjustable as the top tube is telescopic. The C measurement is bound to vary between different rigs, and will probably vary a good bit between individual junk rig boats in particular.


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3 Responses to “Spray hood”

  1. Simon Kay Says:

    Martex appears to no longer be trading. Does anyone know of any other companies who produce spray hoods for Corribees?

  2. Stephen Says:

    I don’t think Martex are active any more. See: http://www.ybw.com/forums/showthread.php?443020-Martex-marine-gone

  3. Declan McKinney Says:

    The Martex sprayhood is superb value for money. It’s easily installed and durable, and Martex are lovely to deal with. I couldn’t part with my sprayhood – definitely a worthwhile upgrade for anyone who doesn’t have one.

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