An update from Guy Waites, who you may remember completed a transatlantic crossing last year in Betsy:

Hello from Newport Rhode Island,
Betsy and I are preparing to make our return home. The weather here is pretty awful but is forecast to improve from Monday onwards. Planning to set sail on Tuesday, the forecast looks good for the whole week. I will be using the same Delorme tracking device for the return.

All the best,

Guy and Betsy

Guy’s blog is at , although it looks as though he hasn’t had a chance to update it recently. However, you can follow his progress by taking a look at the tracking chart here

Update 7th July 2017 – Guy made it to Plymouth on the 28th June, and is currently sailing along the South coast (at Eastbourne on the 7th July). On the 4th July he wrote:

“Betsy and I are sailing two handed with OSTAR veteran Kass Schmitt from ZEST as we sail to Eastbourne to meet a past sailing companion Paul Wells!”

Update 17th July 2017 – back at Scarborough!


A further update, 22 July 2017 – Betsy is looking for a new owner. Editors note – Betsy found a new owner, August 2017). Anyone who has read Guy’s blog will already know the extent of the refit that Betsy underwent in preparation for the return Transatlantic trip. Guy’s eastward trip is covered by a comprehensive series of videos on his Youtube channel – well worth a look. And for anyone contemplating some offshore sailing head to this page.


3 Responses to “Betsy”

  1. Chris Whitehead Says:

    Inspiring stuff Guy! Glad you got back safe and sound.It was a thrill to watch the tail end of your progress via the tracker this past week.

  2. Nicky Says:

    Best of luck and have a safe trip back Guy, followed your excellent and exciting blogs going. Love to achieve what you have done one day in the future, take care
    Corribee ( Padiwak )

  3. Mitch Says:

    Enjoy every bit of it; even the rough bits.

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