Alan McKeand writes:

Here are a couple of photos showing my 15 lb CQR anchor stowed on Maridadi’s foredeck. As you can see the anchor is secured by tying it at various points to 4 purpose-made teak blocks (through each of which a short length of captive cord has been threaded) attached to the deck. Each cord is tied with a reef knot. Even when under way at an appreciable angle of heel the anchor has never been dislodged. The anchor is shackled to 50 metres of chain and 30 metres of anchorplait nylon rope which is stored in the chain locker. I also carry a small fisherman type anchor as a kedge.


The photo below also shows the bow roller at the stemhead – note the absence of a forestay attachment which is not required for this Junk rig Corribee.




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4 Responses to “Anchors”

  1. keith lewis Says:

    Would anybody have an idea of the best place to get a replacement
    cover for my Corribee Mk 3 Anchor locker please?

  2. John Harris Says:

    What size chain do you use? Would ten metres of chain and fifty or sixty metres of anchorplait do?

  3. Jay Blackburn Says:

    Id love to hear more about what people use for Anchor and chain/rode on the Corribee/Coromandel. I have 35 metres of chain and then rope to shacle on. I have a small Bruce and a fairly heavy CQR but never can decide which to use. The Bruce is so handy !!
    Please share your experiences !!

    • Alan McKeand Says:

      Response to Jay Blackburn re anchor types:

      I must admit that my 15 lb CQR is about as heavy as I can handle and takes some hauling in especially with all the chain out and against the combined forces of wind and tide in a river estuary! On the other hand, the CQR has always held my Corribee very well in sand, pebbles or mud but did let me down in Scotland one year in thick kelp where it fails to grip effectively and drags easily – for kelp a fisherman anchor is probably best.

      Best regards
      Alan McKeand

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