Mingming and the Art of Minimal Ocean Sailing



In his latest book, Roger recounts the three voyages he has made with Mingming during 2007, 2008 and 2009. More than a mere description of long-distance voyages though, the book is packed with passages that give an insight into the preparation and planning needed for such an extraordinary undertaking, from poring over charts to selecting a suitable drogue. A worthy successor to his first book, this really must deserve a place in everyone’s library.

Available from Rogers web site – thesimplesailor.com or from Amazon here


One Response to “Mingming and the Art of Minimal Ocean Sailing”

  1. Chris Green Says:

    I have just finished reading “MingMing and the art of minimal ocean sailing,” and I can thoroughly recommend it. I also loved Roger’s previous book, “Voyages of a simple sailor,” but the second is even better, I reckon. He writes superbly and has truly compelling tales to tell. He is an unassuming hero, and his philosophy shines through in every chapter: keep it simple! Just an excellent read.

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