This site is about the Corribee and Coromandel and is for everyone interested in owning, sailing, maintaining and repairing this excellent little cruising yacht. The information contained here has been provided by a number of Corribee and Coromandel owners, many of whom contribute to the Yahoo Discussion Forum.

This site is created entirely by contributions from volunteers and further contributions are very welcome. It is hosted on the WordPress.com platform which allows multiple registered contributors to add and update information and for unregistered contributors to make comments.

Terms of use

The information on this site is provided ‘as is’ and is used by you at your own risk. The authors of the articles and administrators of this site are not responsible for any use or misuse you make of the information provided here. You must always consult a qualified marine professional before acting or relying on any information presented here. Remember, your personal safety and the safety of others may be at stake, and the information here is provided by people you do not know, nor do you know anything about their qualifications (or lack of qualifications) to give advice and we make no representation that they are qualified to do so or that the advice they give is any good. Please use your common sense.

If you provide information, images or other media to be displayed on this site, you warrant that you have permission to provide us with these items and that you have the right to give us permission to use them. You give us permission to reproduce the items in any format or medium that we choose for any purpose. We also reserve the right to remove any or all of the information, images or other media you provide at our sole discretion for any reason.

Please note that opinions expressed on this site are those of the individual posters or authors and are not necessarily the opinion of the site.


If you would like to contribute information please leave a comment below with your contact details and we will be in touch. Alternatively, you can contact us by email corribeeeditors@googlemail.com or get in touch via the Yahoo Discussion Forum.

A list of topics we would like to add (in alphabetical order) include the following:

  • Boat tracking solutions
  • Building / refurbishing a trailer
  • Electric inboard/outboard motor installation
  • EPIRBs – personal and boat
  • Epoxy hull treatments
  • Folding masts for trailer sailing
  • General Corribee/Coromandel boat handling tips
  • Heavy weather equipment (e.g. drogues, sea anchors)
  • Installing / networking boat instruments (e.g. chart plotters, sounders, etc.)
  • Installing watertight bulkheads
  • Life line / jack stay solutions
  • Logs
  • Making/sourcing a yacht cradle
  • Osmosis and treatment
  • Radar – installing / using
  • Radio installations
  • (re)rigging guides
  • Redraw deck plans like the one we have for the Coromandel
  • Reefing solutions and experiences
  • Replace/refresh guard wires / netting and stanchions
  • Safety equipment
  • Sample complete electrical system diagrams
  • Sink installations
  • Sprayhood
  • Tenders
  • Toilet installations/holding tanks
  • Trailer sailing tips and tricks
  • Video equipment
  • Virtual tours inside and out of the various models
  • Watermaker / Solar still
  • Water tanks/storage
  • Where and how to install a life raft
  • Winches
  • Wind turbines
– Antifouling recommendations
– Blocking up an unwanted through hull
– Building / refurbishing a trailer
– Anchoring solutions
– Boat tracking solutions
– Electric inboard/outboard motor installation
– EPIRBs – personal and boat
– Folding masts for trailer sailing
– General Corribee/Coromandel boat handling tips
– Installing / networking boat instruments (e.g. sounders)
– Installing watertight bulkheads
– Life line / jack stay solutions
– Making/sourcing a yacht cradle
– Radar – installing / using
– Radio installations
– (re)rigging guides
– Redraw deck plans like the one we have for the Coromandel
– Reefing solutions and experiences
– Replace/refresh guard wires / netting and stanchions
– Sample complete electrical system diagrams
– Sink installations
– Toilet installations
– Trailer sailing tips and tricks
– virtual tours inside and out of the various models
– Watermaker / Solar still
– Where and how to install a life raft

If you would like to write an article to address any of these or you have suggestions for others, please let us know!

Style guide

As we have multiple contributors and editors, we have this small style guide to try and ensure consistency within the site.

The aim of the site is to provide a trusted, centralised source for technical information about Corribees and Coromandels. Content should be confined to facts in the main body of pages where ever possible. Opinions should be expressed in the comments section of pages (preferred) or clearly indicated as such in main text.


The standard language and spelling of the site is British English. When copying and pasting text from emails or other sources, they should be inserted by using the WordPress ‘Paste as Plain Text’ option on the extended toolbar when the ‘Show/Hide Kitchen Sink’ option on the right hand end of the standard toolbar is toggled. If you wish to format text afterwards, please use the standard style ‘Paragraph’ and ‘Header 3’, ‘Header 4’ and ‘Header 5’ styles so that if the template of the site is changed, the articles will be formatted correctly. Please avoid using italics and bold. Please use the built in spell checker before publishing.

Posts and Pages

Posts are news items for the front page and should be done only by sCorribee and eCorribee at the moment. They are generally posted as a regular ‘What’s new this week’ and ‘News MONTH YEAR’ items with ad hoc items.

Web page articles should generally be written in the third person when data is complied from multiple sources. If quoting a specific person or quoting substantial amounts from a source, then the source should be identified for copyright reasons. No material (including text, images and videos) should be posted on the site unless written/made by you (and by posting you imply granting rights for it to be used) or unless an email confirming permission to use the item on the web site has been sent to corribeeeditors@googlemail.com by the rights owner and has been acknowledged as being received by eCorribee. This is very, very important. If there is any doubt, contact eCorribee before posting. When in doubt, do not post.

New pages should be edited as private pages until they are ready to be published. Please spell check all articles before publishing. Please don’t publish half edited pages.


Images should be uploaded via the Media > Add New options with file names in the following format:



YYYYMMDD is the date the file is taken (preferred) or uploaded (e.g. 20090831),

Name is a short description of the item without spaces and with first letters of individual words capitalised (e.g. MastFoot),

Author is either the real name (preferred) or WordPress user name of the copyright holder of the file in case it has to be taken down (e.g. JohnSmith) and

Filetype is the file extension, (e.g. jpg, png, pdf).

Please note that for maximum browser compatibility, image files should be either png (preferred), jpg or pdf.

So, for example, a complete file name might be 20090831_MastFoot_eCorribee.png

Images should be uploaded at full resolution (WordPress will resize them on the fly) and should generally be inserted into posts as non-aligned full size images.

Please remember that images must not be posted unless you own the copyright to them and grant permission for them to be published as per our terms and conditions or permission has been emailed to corribeeeditors@googlemail.com and eCorribee has acknowledged receipt.

Thank you!


8 Responses to “About/Terms/Contribute”

  1. Darren Langton Says:

    Hi I’m currently restoring Corribee 8157 . There’s plenty of photos on the projects FACEBOOK page here;
    Best Regards


    • scorribee Says:

      Thanks for your link – a very interesting account of your restoration, and a good read for any Corribee owner.

  2. New articles this week « The Unified Corribee Website Says:

    […] We have updates on the Boat Register, Chain-hawse, Mast, Roger Taylor / Mingming and Spray hood pages. Would you like to contribute an article? Check out our new article wish list. […]

  3. Gordon McAllan Says:

    Good to see some life in the Corribee community. Very useful technical information (I’m especially interested in the installation of a Yanmar GM10, but with a SailDrive unit, to avoid the tricky stern tube introduction required by conventional transmission. Anyone tackled that?). I hope to see the Corribee Owners’ Association back in full business.

  4. amy cahill o brien Says:

    Please help me – my darling father has just died and left me with his cherished corribee which he bought with trailer and never used. I now need to sell it. Do you know what price I could get for it and how I can let people know it is for sale. I live in Cork, ireland.

    Thank you for your help

    Amy Cahill O Brien

  5. JJ Blackburn Says:

    I would be interested in joining the group. I think you are all doing such a great job.

    • scorribee Says:

      As you may already know, there are currently three different Corribee web ‘presences’. They are related in a fairly informal way, partly because of the subject matter, but also because several people are active across all three. They are:
      1. The Yahoo discussion group – to participate just click the link at the top right of this page and create a yahoo account (if you already have a Yahoo account you should be able to log in using your existing name and password).
      2. The Corribee Website – which doesn’t require membership – you are welcome to contribute using the comment facility.
      3. The Corribee Owners Association -which is currently in a slightly dormant state but hopefully will resume its’ former excellence in the future sometime. In the meantime they have kindly agreed for us to access much of their content – see the links at the right hand side of the page.

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