New articles this week


20090804_SeaSpriteBeforeLift_MartinHudson 20090802_sheerlegs_rogertaylor 20090804_Coramandel_JayBlackburn

Eclectic selection of new items and articles this week. We have a new section on insurance – please let us know your experiences. A 1968 boat test of the Corribee and 1982 boat test of the Coromandel in the Pictures/Books/Articles/Videos section. Also in this section, a link to a nice video of Vixen in the Kilbrannon Sound thanks to John Kiely. Martin Hudson has provided an interesting article about a home made boat lift. Alan McKeand tells us about a great value paraffin stove that he uses. sCorribee and Roger Taylor demonstrate how to lower a mast single handed. Nathan Whitworth shows how to make a temporary track repair and how to replace a lost stern locker hatch. Declan McKinney has started a page about tenders. Would you like to contribute an article? Check out our new article wish list.


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