Is this the right time of year to buy?


Several readers have recently asked this question about buying a Corribee. I suppose the answer is that the best time to buy is when you find a boat that suits you, but there is a lot to be said for buying at the end of the season. To start with, you get time to sort out a mooring or berth, and time to check your new acquisition over before the relaunch in the Spring. There will undoubtedly be some maintenance to do, such as anti-fouling and servicing the engine, but by doing it yourself you will have the satisfaction of a job well done.

While the extra time that an Autumn purchase is especially useful for project boats that need a fair bit of work done, don’t forget that many Corribee owners have maintained their boats in top condition, almost regardless of expense. These boats may seemingly command a slightly higher price but actually represent exceptional value – they come with a good inventory and a very short list of ‘things to do’. Just such a bargain is Shamrock of Halton Quay, a MkII fin keeler lying at Gosport. Loaded with useful gear and ready to sail away, if you’re looking for a good quality boat check the For Sale page for the full details.Shamrock4_Malone_201309


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