Mingming at LIBS


Mingming on her 2009 voyage

Small boat sailing on a budget is not usually the staple fair of large boat shows, and as a Corribee owner I have often felt out of place at anything grander than a boat jumble. Not the case in London this year – the London International Boat Show organisers have invited Roger Taylor to exhibit Mingming at next month’s show at Edexcel. As part of a special attraction on world cruising, Mingming will be displayed fully rigged, exactly as she was on her return from Roger’s Arctic voyage in 2011. For any Corribee or Coromandel owner this is an excellent opportunity to see first hand the modifications and alterations needed for this sort of voyage, and Roger will be very happy to talk to any Corribee owners. For those of us who prefer to read about, rather than sail to far-flung parts, Roger will have copies of all his books available to sign and sell (in three different languages).  There will also be specialists who provide equipment for this type of journey on hand, along with a photographic display of the world’s oceans.


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