An opportunity…



Every now and then a boat appears on the market that needs a refurb – a bit more than new cushions and a bit of varnish. With larger boats this can be more than a little daunting, but something Corribee or Coromandel-sized is much easier to tackle. The costs are lower with small boats, and it is often possible to trailer them to ones’ own driveway which makes the work much more convenient.  

We’ve just been asked to place a For Sale advert for just such a boat, in this case a Coromandel that unfortunately broke its’ mooring. Luckily there is not too much damage, certainly nothing that can’t be repaired with a little knowledge of grp work, and some of the more expensive work has already been done. There is also a trailer available which makes the prospect of renovation work even more feasible, so for anyone looking for a project over the winter have a look at the For Sale page. More information is documented on the owners blog at

(Edit: Missy Moto has now found a new owner and is being repaired and restored.)


3 Responses to “An opportunity…”

  1. Kilda Says:

    Great, thanks Scorribee.

    Just returned to Fleetwood after picking her up from Swanage.

    It’s supposed to be bad luck to change a name but in this instance i think a name change is definitely in order, i was thinking something in the line of “Xi Feng”, meaning “Flourishing Phoenix” may be apt.

    Thankfully the rig is in reasonable condition. There are a few repairs made with thin rip stop nylon and a tube of rubber solution puncture glue but all in all free from major problems

    I think we can save her.

  2. scorribee Says:

    I’m sure someone will be able to do this for you, but in the meantime the drawing on the inboard engine page is reasonably accurate. You might be able to make a hardboard template from it, try it in situ and modify if necessary. (Note that it shows the profile of both the original and the later, enlarged skeg needed to house the stern tube for an inboard engine).

  3. Kilda Says:

    I am in the process of buying the above mentioned Coromondel and would therfore be grateful if anyone would go to the trouble of drawing around their skeg and rudder and sending the template to me..? Tony 07949658241.

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