If you’re looking for a Corribee with a proven track record, there are currently two excellent examples on the For Sale and Wanted page. Elektra completed the solo circumnavigation of the UK with Katie Miller at the helm in 2006, and has recently had a refit. British Heart crossed the Atlantic in 1978, also a solo voyage skippered by James Hatfield.

On the topic of Atlantic crossings, Guy Waites’ blog is one to catch up on – he completed his Atlantic crossing in Betsy in late August 2016. His blog is a fascinating read, and the page also has some YouTube video links.


One Response to “Update”

  1. Phil Austin Says:

    Hi, I recently bought a mk 2 corribee with some damage to the base of the Keel and rudder and skeg. The skeg had also pushed upwards, popping its bonding at the forward end. The impact had also popped the glass bonding holding the after bulkhead and pilot berth sides to the hull and cracked the rudder trunk tube. I’m currently making repairs, having cut out the base of cockpit for access and have removed the rudder and skeg. Would there be any interest in a few photos and a description of the works for others info?. She’s called Belle and isn’t registered on the boat list on here, I can forward hull number of you like. She was kept in the lakes on her trailer from new and used only a few times. Have found all the articles here useful and would like to add to the site if there’s interest.

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