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Our hosting account is being moved to a new, faster server on Thursday 6th March. There may be a few hours of downtime caused by DNS propagation, and how fast propagation takes place depends on your ISP and which DNS resolvers you or your ISP are using. Any propagation issues will resolve on their own, usually within a few hours and often less.

Just in case anyone is interested, our host is a US company called A Small Orange – they provide us with an excellent service at a very reasonable cost, which in turn enables us to continue running The Corribee Website on the donations we receive.  You can guess where this is going now – please don’t ignore the ‘Donate’ button if you find the site useful! Just as important though – if you have ideas for an article, some photos of work you have done on your boat, or an interesting voyage you’ve made please consider submitting for others to enjoy. Many thanks. (Admin.)


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