One for the bookshelf…



This month Adlard Coles Nautical is publishing a stunning photographic book by Vanessa Bird called Classic Classes, this is a complete reference to the classic yachts and dinghies still sailing today. Focusing on the most well-known, popular and enduring designs – from the 7ft Optimist to the 125ft J class – this beautifully illustrated book showcases 144 boats from across the world, with a wealth of detail on each class, including:

  • the origins and history of the class
  • what it’s like to sail one
  • fascinating stories about the boat, who sailed her, and her development
  • stunning photography, sailplans and sail symbol
  • full detail on her length, layout and designer

Featuring designers from an internationally recognised hall of fame including William Fife, Olin Stevens, Maurice Griffiths and Uffa Fox, Classic Classes is the perfect resource for classic boat owners and enthusiasts worldwide, whether their interest lies in high-performance thoroughbred racers, well-loved creek crawling cruisers or popular home-built classic dinghies. Published in advance of the 2012 Olympics, there is also a section devoted to the 46 Olympic classes.

To order your copy today visit the Adlard Coles Nautical website at the following link

And yes, it does include a section on the Corribee!


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