News June 2009


Jonny Moore is about to restart his round UK trip – Casulen II will be re-launched in Ramsgate on Saturday July 4th for a shakedown trip to Dover (his stopping point last September).  He is then away to Eastbourne, Brighton, Chichester, Cowes, Poole, Weymouth, etc so with luck should be in the Solent area within a week (Wednesday at the very earliest) although the forecast is for winds from the west so could be slow work Check for more details on his site (note the new address is Those who followed his progress last year will know that he took the difficult route around the north coast of Scotland in sometimes atrocious sailing conditions. He should be back to the original start in Holyhead around mid-August.

I’m sure he would welcome any fellow Corribee owners who are able to tag along for part of the way and I will try to keep up with his progress here. As far as I know he will be berthing at the UKSA in Cowes – in most of the smaller harbours he should be easy to find. More details on Chichester and Poole soon hopefully.


Spotted recently

Below: Yin-yang returning from a trip up the river to Newport on the weekend of the Isle of Wight Music Festival 2009.




This is a long overdue plug for a really interesting Corribee-related site. Nathan Whitworth owns a Mk 1 Corribee named Kudu and his blog gives a very good insight into his life on board. Click here to read about The Adventures of Kudu. At the moment he is circumnavigating the UK and making regular video updates on Youtube – click here for the list of links to all the episodes so far.


Kudu – showing Nathan’s Rutland wind generator and two solar panels. I have unashamedly robbed this picture from Nathan’s website


Congratulations to Katie Miller, of ‘Round Britain in a Corribee’ fame, who crossed the finishing line of the OSTAR 2009 race on the 16th June, the youngest ever female competitor . You can read the blogs of her crossing on BluQube on the Blogstar site.


Some more information has been added to the technical section, mainly thanks to Roger Taylor who has again provided some useful information on interior lining, and an alternative to the troublesome outboard motor.

Roger is planning another Northern voyage in Mingming this year:

“I intend to leave from Whitehills, on the southern shore of the Moray Firth, and head for Jan Mayen Island (71N 8.5W). As usual I have six weeks available, and this gives a distance almost exactly equivalent to Burnham-on-Crouch to Iceland (2007) and Plymouth to the Azores (2008). Jan Mayen is about 400 miles north-east of Iceland, has an active volcano (Beerenburg), and belongs to Norway. There is a permanent scientific station on the island with about 18 scientists. There are no safe anchorages but, a few offshore hazards apart, the coast is reasonably approachable, with none of the fierce currents and tide races of, say, the Faroes. This is where a series of unhappy events caused the loss of Tilman’s first and best-loved pilot cutter Mischief. The island used to be ice-bound in winter, but this year the east Greenland ice-pack fell short by about 80 miles. If I am lucky enough to get there with time to spare I will head west towards Scoresby Sound (the world’s largest fiord) on the Greenland coast, and see what happens.”



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  1. nathanleefloats Says:

    Stealing my pictures? Ooh, I’ll have my lawyers after you for royalties :p
    Nah, thanks for the mention. I’ll be bookmarking your site too.

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